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Monday, May 16, 2011

Accessorizing Bookcases

Yesterday I showed you the key shadow box I found at the antique mall. I showed you a section of my bookcases, but thought I would show you the rest. They are probably on my blog somewhere, but who knows where and I'm sure they have changed since then anyway. When we built this house almost seven years ago (I still can't believe we have been here that long) these bookcases were a must have! I think I have mentioned that we built this house off of a model home. Anyway, the model home had these bookcases but they were pretty expensive to add. You know one of those extras they don't tell you about until you start the building process...I guess we could have We ran into all kinds of things like that, but that's a different story. Anyways, we added them and I'm glad we did. Since I am not much of a reader (except for blogs) I like to call these my accessory cases rather than my

They are filled with things I've had for several years, and things I have purchased more recently.

Pictures, greenery, decorative plates, a clock, a bowl full of decorative balls and a few old books make these bookcases my own.

I used greenery to cover the speakers at the top. The tray and pictures are covering cords that hang down. I thought forever about what to cover those darn cords with and the tray was the perfect size to hide them.

If you are decorating bookcases here are a few ideas that might work for you! Greenery always adds life to your space, it's a must have for me! And as we all know the initials are the thing right now and I love them! Also, since these are bookcases, books always work.

You might not want to add several things in every shelf...sometimes just one large item works well.

Pictures of family and friends are always good...

A clock and pretty bookends add some interest and variety too.

What about a basket? Baskets are good just about anywhere...

I love using plates all over the house...why not in a bookcase? And what about a birdcage?

If you have an outlet lamps are wonderful in bookcases..I am so glad I remembered to add outlets in mine.

The main thing when decorating bookcases is to add things you like or have meaning to you. Ok...maybe they need a few books here and there, but I say do what you like, not what you are supposed to do. Another is to add things with different heights and textures...this creates interest.

I mentioned that Chase had a chess tournament today. He did great! Out of 88 kids he tied for third place! I am very proud of him! He is second from the left on the bottom row.

Thanks for your visit!!

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Allyson Pecilunas said...

Kristen, your bookcases are so pretty and you have accessorized them beautifully! :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Our bookcases could pass for twins...Ha....

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Kristen...

My friend, I have long admired your beautiful build-in bookcases!!! Ohhh...and you have accessorized them perfectly! I really enjoyed getting an up-close view of all your pretties! Thanks for sharing them with us! I just adore your gorgeous home, my friend!

Ahhh...a big congratulations to Chase for winning third place in his chess tournament! I think that is sooo awesome! What a smart guy you have!

Warmest wishes,

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Kristen! I love built-ins. You've accessorized yours really nicely and I love the different pieces. You've done yours the way I do bookcases, too {sometimes a lone piece on a shelf, some books here and there}. I hate crowded bookcases.

Congrats to Chase! My son was in chess club when he was about 13-14 and did it for one year. He stopped going because he wasn't feeling challenged {I think it was a beginner group and you had to start there when you signed up}.

Becca said...

How fun to see your bookcases again up close and personal. :)

I love how you've accessorized them ... the layering ... mix of textures ... all works beautifully! (And, great idea how to hide the speaker and cords!)

debbies said...

Like Teresa - my bookcase is very similar to yours. Love how you hid the cords.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Kristen I always loved your bookcases and the way you have them so beautifully accessorized! A BIG CONGRATS to Chase for doing so well in the chess tournament! Have a great week, Martina

NanE said...

Great visuals! I have wonderful shelves in my living room but they look awful, they are just a conglomeration of stuff that is not displayed attractively.

A Hint of Home said...

I love the design of your bookcases, Kristen!
Your accessories are beautifully done. Love them all!

Liz said...

Hi Kristen,
I am so glad you did this post, because I now have shelves to decorate in the new house and I've gathered some great ideas from you. I love the way you accessorize, because it looks so elegant and warm.

YAY for Chase coming in 3rd out of so many people....that is awesome!!

Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

L said...

Your bookcases look great, Kristen. I love how you use various textures for accessories. They are very nicely done. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Congratulations, to Chase for coming in thrid place out of 88 people! My youngest son loves Chess, too.
Love your photos from the previous post, too. The pottery you shared was so pretty. I would love to find some of those pieces here. Very unique pieces. And, you are just too cute! =o)

have a great day~L

Linda said...

Kristen...I love your style girl! (I have built in bookcases and I love them!) It is fun to change things up once in awhile...but I love everything, so it is hard to decide what I love the most! ha!

I have little accent lamps on my shelves too. I remembered to add outlets in them when the house was built. (:>)

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Diane said...

Congrats to Chase Ü Very good job.

Your decorating is impeccable! I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving the nice comments. Drop by again anytime Ÿ

Kim said...

Kristen you are a master at accessorizing bookcases. It's one of my favorite things to decorate and I see so many people do it wrong - and yes, there is a wrong. Yours are sheer perfection!
Congrats to Chase for his accomplishment!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Kristen, your bookcases are beautiful. I fell in love with the lamp. Oh my gosh, it is "gorgeous". Congrats to Chase for winning third place in his tournament. hugs ~lynne~

Michele Smith said...

Your bookcases are so pretty. I don't have anything but stinkin books in mine. LOL
Congratulations to your son, how very exciting!

Nancy said...

We have purchased a home that is sided with bookcases on either side of a fireplace such as yours. I've never had that before and I'm so excited! I'm shortcutting this post so I don't lose it ;) Thank you so much for sharing.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I've been waiting for you to do a post on accessorizing. I think you are the best at it!!! I struggle at making all my odds and ends come together as beautiful as your bookcases. Practice, practice, practice!!!

ps. I made a comment on Chase's bedroom and didn't realize that my son logged into his Google Account and it shows up as Austin but that was really me leaving the comment. ha ha

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Very pretty! You always inspire me with your decorating skills! Congrats to Chase, chess is a very hard game to master (in my opinion) so that is a great accomplishment! Hope you have a great week!

Melissa Miller said...

Kristen I adore your bookcases! They may just be my all time favorite thing about your entire home. They look polished and elegant. The way you accessorize is perfection. I love all your mixes of "stuff". The new keys look beautiful. What a great deal.

Hooray for Chase! He is one smart boy. Chess is hard.

I'll still be reading your blog and commenting regularly. I just have nothing to post on for now. I'll be back one day. Thanks for always supporting me for so long. I appreciate you.

Have a good week.
~Melissa :)

Honey at 2805 said...

Your bookcases are so artfully arranged! I could take some lessons here.

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