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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Kitchen Cabinets Are Done!! Come And See!

Yay!! My cabinets are finally done!!! If you have been following my mini kitchen makeover then you know we recently bought new stainless steel appliances. My next project was to re glaze the kitchen cabinets and add new hardware. I glazed them when we first moved in, but always thought they needed a little more so I have been tackling this project for the last two weeks. (off and on because I'm a little I am loving the way they turned out!! It's not a huge change, but just enough to warm them up and add more character. For you who like the chippy look...there are plenty!! I decided not to touch all of them up.

I have also reworked some of the tops of the cabinets. One thing calls for another!

In this picture you can see I have not done anything to the island yet...

You can really tell the difference between the cabinets and island in this picture.

Close up

Lovin the new hardware! It really changes the look of the kitchen!

Now I am going to tackle the island...It's going green!! I had a decorator/paint expert help me with the color. She picks out paint colors for alot of new homes. She has used this color before and said it is really pretty. You can't tell much about it from this, but I think it will be beautiful especially after it's all glazed. We will see!! It's called misted fern by Sherwin Williams.
Speaking of green...We just bought this little set at Wal-mart the other day. It also came with a coffee table and two chairs. Love the color!

I wasn't sure about the pillows that came with it so I am having them recovered with this pretty striped fabric. I am also having all of the pillows on the outdoor patio recovered in this too. This fabric just makes me happy!! :)

I am going to work on the island this weekend...if all goes as planned. We also have a ton of yardwork to do...uggg. The crape mertyls are past time for a trim!
There is still time to enter my giveaway...just click on my previous post.
Two more have several of your beautiful mesh wreaths to show stay tuned!! Also, someone asked the color of the cabinets and I found out it is Everlasting by Sherwin Williams.
Have a wonderful weekend!! I hope it's warming up in your neck of the woods!


Denise said...

Looks great Kristen, and I love that striped material for your cushions.

Lynn said...

I really like what you have done with the cabinets. The misted fern for the island looks great. I love green! The striped fabric will make beautiful pillows!

Melissa Miller said...

It looks gorgeous Kristen! The material is so fresh and spring-like as well. It's going to look great with all of the pretty flowers you always have outside. Love it all!

Martina said...

Kristen your kitchen looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the island done, I LOVE!!!! the green you chose! Enjoy your weekend, Martina

Jeanette said...

Looks great Kristen!! Your hard work really paid off! Now sit back and have a glass of wine or a martini and enjoy !

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the added pop of green. I just like the name "misted fern"! I have to pick out hardware for mine this weekend. I love yours. I'm going to go with something very simple and stainless I think since our countertop will be very dark when it gets here.

Allyson Pecilunas said...

I love your cabinets, Kristen! They look gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see the island that will be sooo pretty!! Love your new outdoor set :)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl you really outdid yourself..This looks just awesome my friend..I am so lovin all the beautiful painted kitchens I see in blogland..Send me a bottle of your energy ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Karen At Home said...

Hi there, stopping by from Melissa's blog! So nice to meet you!!!
What an amazing job you have done on your cabinets. I am in love! The cusion material is gorgeous too, I can't blame you for picking that up. Have a great weekend!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

The cabinets look great, Kristen! I like that green and I think it will look fantastic on your island. I like that you are doing a different color. I can't wait to see that now!

LC said...

Kristen, all the hard work has paid off. The kitchen cabinets look great! The green on the island is going to be a nice touch.
I like your new outdoor set, too. The stripe fabric is nice.

have a great evening~ L

Shelia said...

Hi Kristen! Oh, I love your glazed cabinets! You've been a busy little bee! Your kitchen is so pretty too and now you can come to my Heart of the Home - show us your favorite cupboard party!! :)
I love green and painted my little wanna be island but just a peninsula green! Can't wait to see yours finished! You must take some might powerful vitamins! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Melanie said...

I love the cabinets! I had handmade cabinets in Florida and they were painted and glazed. I loved them and I miss them.

Yours turned out great and I think the island being green will look fabulous!

A Hint of Home said...

The cabinets turned out great! You did a good on them. I've thought about doing something like that on my cabinets but I'm a bit chicken to try it.
I love the definition it brings to your cabinets.

Beverly said...

Kristen you kitchen looks wonderful.. you are going to enjoy it.. we did ours last island is a different color. I like the green will look good! Your knobs are perfect. Can't wait to see the island.

Girl with the Curlz said...

It turned out so good. Love it!!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

wow wow wow is all I know to say.. it looks absolutely fabulous.. I love how subtle the glaze is and yet makes such a visual impact.. I so wish I could do this to mine..
thanks for the green paint color name.. I am wanting to paint some furniture and this looks like the perfect color for me.. did you glaze on top of that?? and if so- would you be willing to share what you used.. I'll be back to see your kitchen many times. I truly love it..
Great outdoor set too~!! the pillow fabric is gonna make it all POP..

Heather's Stitches said...

Such a fresh Spring makeover. I love the little settee and the striped fabric will look great with the color.

Katherines Corner said...

your kitchen is gorgeous!!Hugs and Happy Spring!

Becca said...

Beautiful new cabs (and knobs), Kristen! Love how they turned out. Looking forward to seeing your new, green island, too! Happy painting, Becca

Blessings from Cindy said...

Love, love, love, the cabinets!! You did a wonderful job! The shade of green will look great too!

Terri said...

That's one gorgeous kitchen, Kristen..... And I love that soft green color. Please visit my blog and accept your blog award!

Fitted kitchens said...

Really beautiful. I like your kitchen which you have posted here. But i love the most your kitchen counter-top.

Kriste said...

Your cabinets look great! I am wanting to do this to my kitchen soon! Just curious as to what color of white your cabinets were before you put the glaze on? And did you paint them white or were they already white? Mine are stained so I am going to have to paint them and then apply the glaze. Great Job!

"Blossom" said...

Your cabinets are so beautiful.
What a great accompblishment!

Michele Smith said...

Your cabinets look really great, love the new knobs!
The striped material is awesome!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Kristen~ ~Love how warm the kitchen looks with the glazing. I've been wanting to paint mine a warmer shade of white now I'm realizing that I can just stain them. Thanks for saving me a ton of time!!
Want to come over and help?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Kalona Mincey said...

Little changes can make a huge difference in a room's outlook. Good thing you added those cabinets there, girl. They're very useful, especially when you want to store goods and other stuff for an upcoming event or what. Hehe... The green paint is ♥! You should really thank the decorator who helped you pick that color. :)

Anonymous said...

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Carl Patten said...

This is a great combination of kitchen appliances and hardware! It’s all made of stainless steel! From the sink, to the oven, and even the refrigerator. And then, with a softer shade of white for the cabinets and the counters on top of it all, the kitchen looked even warmer and more inviting!

Alphonse Daigle said...

Carl is right! You must love stainless steel appliances, don’t you? ;) They all look spanking new. You must’ve been really hands on in cleaning these appliances. That’s good! This greatly enhance the look of your kitchen!

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