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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring On The Kitchen Island

I brightened up my kitchen island with a silk arrangement I made out of tulips, berries, and greenery. The bunny is from Pier 1 Imports and the tray is from T.J. Maxx.
The colors of spring make me happy!


Shelia said...

Hi Kristen! I've missed you so much! Oh, you've done it again - how lovely this is. You are so good at arranging just everything. You don't know how much inspiration you've given me. I hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Stacey said...

Just gorgeous!

I agree with Shelia, we miss you. :)

priscilla said...

Very pretty ! Love the bunny !

meme76 said...

Very pretty Spring display, and I love that tray!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Another great Spring display, Kristen!

Paula@SweetPea said...

This looks wonderful, Kristen!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Kristen, I have missed you and your spring display is breathtaking! The silk tulips are the prettiest I have seen.

Nancie said...

Hi Kristen! Thank you for updating your Blog. I've missed you. Love all your ideas for Spring & Easter. Your Christmas Mantle is gorgeous! I've been following you on Facebook. I want one of your arrangements, but I'm always to late. I'll keep trying! Hope you keep sending Posts to your Blog. I always enjoy them. You're one of my favorites! Happy Spring!

Nancie said...

Hi Kristen! Thank you for updating your Blog. I've missed you. Love all your ideas for Spring & Easter. Your Christmas Mantle is gorgeous! I've been following you on Facebook. I want one of your arrangements, but I'm always to late. I'll keep trying! Hope you keep sending Posts to your Blog. I always enjoy them. You're one of my favorites! Happy Spring!

Suzy Handgraaf said...

Hi Kristen. I'm so happy to see you back! Love, love, love the vignette!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

So pretty Kristen!!

The Tablescaper said...


- Alma, The Tablescaper

Melanie Linton said...

Love it! Missed seeing all ur stuff! Glad ur back!

Rena Designs said...

Holy Smokes! So good to see your beautiful creations again! Hope to see more beautiful things! A fantastic arrangement for Spring

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mary anne hawryluk said...

Hi Kristen , I am thrilled to have found your site. The vignettes and decor is visually stunning ! When you are changing from season to season and putting away your items do you take the floral arrangments , swags apart ?
thank you for your inspirations,

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Wooden Picnic Bench said...

Gorgeous! You don't know how much inspiration you've given me. I hope you're doing well. Thanks for sharing!

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