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Friday, November 30, 2012

Your Beautiful Mesh Wreaths!

 You might remember my snowman mesh wreath tutorial from last year. It has been a very popular post and is getting several thousand views a day from Pinterest and Google. In fact, it is my all time most popular post ever! I am always getting e-mails of pictures of wreaths some of you have made and I love looking at them. You guys have done an outstanding job! I thought it would be fun to post the Christmas ones here on my blog like I did last year. There are alot of different takes on this wreath and that shows how creative you all are!
The wreath below is the one in the tutorial...
Here are your wreaths in no particular order...
 Each one is unique and very creative.
Rather than telling you how much I LOVE each one and how adorable they are I'm just going to tell you I think they are all as cute as can be and they are ALL ADORABLE! I have decided to just add your name above the wreath or in some cases wreaths that you made so here we go....


Audrey #2
Sherry #2

Stevie Jo
Kristy #2
Jeanette #2
Terra #2

Nicole #2

 Ela #2

Kati #2



Diane #2




  1. Lisa #2 




Tina's mom 

I hope you enjoyed looking at all of the creativity!! Each wreath is unique and that's what makes them special. Thanks to those of you who sent me pictures! If you would like your wreath here on my post you can still send a picture to and I will add it on.
Have fun creating!!

Featured in Country Woman Magazine fall 2012 for kitchen and crafts

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The tip junkie featured my snowman mesh wreath!

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